Tutzor - revamped from the ground up!

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May 2010

Hi Guys!
We've redesigned and redeveloped Tutzor.com from ground up! We have to admit we've been slacking for awhile now. So sorry! But, we've have spent hours, days, skipping lunches and dinners, to bring you with this new layout and interface. We really hope you'll like it!

We added few more sections, forum and blogs. We want to get to know YOU better, so if you have any tutorial request, perhaps you wanna get some show off points, please do so! In fact, be shameless about it! Even if you just wanna say "Hi", don't be shy. Free sign up and be a member, we won't hustle you, unnecessarily. Promise.

If you are new to Tutzor, Welcome! If you've here before, AWESOME! We love you! We are adding more photoshop tutorials, tips, goodies, etc. We have a whole array of good things lined up for this exciting new website! Stay tuned and check us out! You'll learn something new.

Tutzor Team.



Re: Tutzor - revamped from the ground up!

Seriously? I like the older one better.... nuf said