Whats new with photoshop CS5

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May 2010

What's new with photoshop CS5 you might ask? Is it worth to upgrade it? There are quite a few significant tools that makes your workflow even better. The very notables new features are as follow:

  • Clean up tool - this amazing tool, can clean up the background of your image in few simple clicks. Very very handy tool, when you are creating web layout.
  • Content-aware fill - This tool very similar in many ways with our old friend clone stamp tool. Better, smarter.
  • High Dynamic Range - Photo made simple!
  • Puppet Warp - Quite handy when making your images bend or twisted certain way, without distorting the image itself.
  • Black and white conversion has been around for even in photoshop 4 era. This time around, when you blend it with HDR technic, you can give "high art look" to your photos.
  • And of course - the advance raw image processing. It allows you to add or remove grain, noises from your photos.

These new and enhanced features are geared towards photo editing. This of course is a product of technological leap in the digital photography. For more information, check out the photoshop website